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Biltmore Square

1701 E. Colter Street, Phoenix, AZ, 85016

Biltmore Square was one of the last apartment conversions to sell in late 2005. Buyers were literally lined up around the building waiting to buy these condos and it practically sold out in a day...no joke.

Biltmore Square is a modern building, less than ten years old, with OK architecture, great amenities (gym, landscaping, pool, etc), many of the condos have great views, and the location is excellent for the price range. There are a lot of short sales and foreclosures in the development so be careful if you are thinking of buying there. Yes, the short sales and foreclosures can mean great deals for buyers today but there is also instability in the community.

We are NOT saying not to buy there. We ARE saying to consult an expert (i.e. the agents at WeKnowUrban.com) before doing so.

If you would like to learn more, see floor plans or a site map, or tour the site, give us a call or shoot us an e-mail and we'll take care of you.

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Unit# Beds/Baths Price Sq Ft More
1701 E Colter Street Unit 219 - Phoenix, 85016 219 1/1.0 $130,000 707 Condo Info
1701 E Colter Street Unit 282 - Phoenix, 85016 282 2/2.0 $129,900 790 Condo Info
1701 E Colter Street Unit 452 - Phoenix, 85016 452 2/2.0 $127,900 790 Condo Info
1701 E Colter Street Unit 139 - Phoenix, 85016 139 3/2.0 $170,000 1,412 Condo Info
1701 E Colter Street Unit 352 - Phoenix, 85016 352 2/2.0 $137,900 790 Condo Info
1701 E Colter Street Unit 249 - Phoenix, 85016 249 2/2.0 $199,995 1,118 Condo Info

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