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Tempe Lofts & High Rise Condos For Sale and For Rent

High rise and loft condos in Tempe offer some of the hottest urban real estate in all of Arizona.

Prices and styles run from entry level to 'Rich and Famous' extravagant. From the twenty-five year old Hayden Square condos in Tempe to the flamboyant Will Bruder designed lofts at The Vale; to Regatta Point and 525 Town Lake just off Tempe Town Lake; to the glamorous and sexy Brideview and Edgewater midrise condos at Hayden Ferry Lakeside; to the tallest high rise in Tempe, Centerpoint High Rise just off Mill Avenue.

The street life thrives in Arizona's densest city. Tempe Town Lake and the Mill Avenue District have proven to be hugely popular with urban living enthusiasts anxious to live in the town.

Developers were quick to recognize the many benefits of Tempe and condos are going more vertical every year.

First and foremost, Tempe is small and landlocked so it has to grow up and not out like other Valley cities. All the major vertical cities of the world have finite boundaries and almost all of them are bordered by or at least centered around on at least one major body of water (e.g. London, Hong Kong, San Francisco, Manhattan, and Miami). People love water. They are drawn to it and are willing to pay for the privledge of living on it or near it.

Urban Living in Tempe

Tempe Town Lake is two miles long and 800-1200 feet wide with an average depth of 12.5 feet was opened November 1999 and built at a cost of $45.5 million. It occupies one seventh of the total area of the entire city of Tempe.

The recreational facilities of Tempe Town Lake draw over 2.5 million visitors each year to fish, jog, boat, bike, kite, picnic, and so much more.

More than 1 million people live within ten miles of Tempe Town Lake, over 350,000 cars pass its shores each day, over 200 retail shops, restaurants, bars and other entertainment venues exist within walking distance to it, and the largest university in the United States is less than a mile away. This is a very dense area!

The 25 acre Tempe Beach Park is the city's oldest park and home to some sort of fun event almost every single weekend of the year from music fests to food fests.

And lets not forget Karsten Golf Course, Grady Gammage Theater, the new Tempe Center for the Arts, Tempe Market Place, the Marina at Tempe Town Lake, Sun Devil Stadium, and the general quaintness and small town feel of Mill Avenue and Tempe as a whole.

We at WeKnowUrban jokingly refer to the Mill Avenue and Tempe Town Lake areas to be where Mayberry meets Manhattan; friendly but vertical (or getting there).

Tempe Lofts and Tempe High Rise Condos

Lofts and high rise condos in Tempe that are completed or currently under construction along Mill Avenue, Tempe Town Lake and biking distance from ASU. See condo community descriptions, photos, and MLS lists of all lofts and condos in Tempe currently for sale.

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Tempe Lofts and Tempe High Rise Condos

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