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Midtown Phoenix July 12, 2008

Midtown Phoenix July 12, 2008

Covering: MEZZO (new to tour), Century Plaza, Evergreen 9 (new to tour) and Portland 38 (new to tour).

About thirty urban enthusiasts joined us for this tour and we had a blast. This tour was particularly good because we had great participation on the part of the tour attendees; a lot of comments were made and a lot of questions were asked. We love it when we have good interaction with everyone.

Our first stop was MEZZO which is a very very cool building just north of Osborn on 12th Street. It was designed and construction over seen by Will Bruder and it shows. The quality of detail is superb and the style is wonderful. Bruder incorporated angles and unique colors and odd sized windows in unexpected places to add a whimsical feel to the community. The landscaping is modern and eco-friendly and uses zero asphalt. Tour attendees LOVED the look and style of MEZZO.

We next stopped at Century Plaza High Rise on Central Avenue just south of Osborn. This building looks great architecturally and has some magnificent views. Tour attendees really loved the community although there were some questions as to whether the prices made sense or not. You see, the developer first began sales in 2005 but is just now completing construction. So the developer is trying to get 2005 prices in 2008. That's a very tough sell in today's market. Since the first week of July only eight contracts have closed (according to the broker and sales rep for Century Plaza). Tour attendees expressed concern that the developer may have trouble closing units and if so, the entire development could be jeopardized. Nonetheless, several people expressed interest in receiving updates on the community as they would be very interested in buying there once the dust settles.

Evergreen 9 is a JAG Development on Willetta at the very southern edge of Midtown Phoenix. In some respects these feel very similar to MEZZO but much more simple and paired down. They are not nearly as stylized BUT the prices are a heck of a lot lower and the neighborhood is much more walker friendly than MEZZO. Also, tour attendees felt that the area near Evergreen 9 is in the process of improving so buying there was more an investment in a bright future that is likely to appreciate as downtown Phoenix continues to come together.

The final stop, Portland 38, is another JAG Development. JAG was a bit hesitant to let us through as the construction was not completed but we all thought it looked great. The design is identical to Evergreen 9 (or if not identical, so close that we couldn't see any significant differences) except that the community has 38 residences instead of 9 and Portland 38 has a pool. The area is getting better, or at least has the potential to get a lot better, with ASU bringing so many students into the area. Not that students are likely to buy at Portland 38 due to the costs but with more bodies will come more amenities and with more amenities will come more bodies and the pattern continues.

If you haven't visited downtown or midtown lately you really should check it out. There are more and more little businesses opening up that are eclectic, unique and fun. And with students, and office workers, and attorneys and more walking around there really is a little buzz developing; not fast enough for our liking but developing nonetheless.

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As always we owe a huge THANK YOU to Mike Williard, an amateur photographer and very special friend of WeKnowUrban who shot these great photos.

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