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The Best of Tempe

Take a bus tour of the best urban condos in Phoenix.

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It’s official, downtown Tempe / Mill Avenue District is the hottest urban core in the Valley. In fact if one totals all the projects currently under construction or on the drawing boards, the projects in Tempe are larger than all other Arizona cities combined!

And, all that construction is focused in an area about one mile by one mile. Now that makes for dense, vertical, urban living and there’s truly something for everyone.

Currently, prices and styles run from entry level to 'Rich and Famous' extravagant. Our site features the twenty-five year old, formerly Miami Vice colored, Hayden Square condos just off Mill Avenue to the bright lime green three story community at University and Beck called The Vale; to Regatta Point and 525 Town Lake just off Tempe Town Lake; to the glamorous and sexy Brideview and Edgewater midrise condos at Hayden Ferry Lakeside; to what we consider to be by far the nicest live work community in all the Valley, Farmer Avenue Lofts and the list goes on.

Now here’s where things get really exciting. On top of all the greatnest that already exists in Tempe add the following new construction:

  • Over 2.4 million square feet of new office space already under construction a short walk from Mill Avenue
  • At least another ½ million square feet of new office space proposed
  • Current construction of almost 1000 apartments
  • Five new hotels about to break ground, all on Mill Avenue or just barely off it
  • Two, 300 foot luxury high rise rental buildings breaking ground in 2015
  • Development of the Hayden Flour Mill piece expected to break ground in 2016
  • A 26 story high rise residential and mixed use tower proposed for 5th and Ash.
  • A $464 million USA Basketball sports and entertainment project at the south east corner of Mill and University to include one of the aforementioned hotels, an athletic arena, apartments, convention center, entertainment and more.
  • Re-launch for sale of the modern and sophisticated Farmer Avenue Lofts
  • Planned construction of a Whole Foods Grocery store steps from Mill Avenue

Downtown Tempe

Believe it or not, there’s even more. Frankly I am having a hard time staying on top of everything AND comprehending it all.

Again, all of this is happening in an area of about one mile by one mile.

Oh and don’t forget the light rail runs through the center of it all, and the area is bordered on the north by Tempe Town Lake which draws over 2.5 million visitors each year and on the south ASU, the largest public university by enrollment.

Gang there is nowhere to go but up!

If you think that the street life thrives now in Arizona's densest city, just you wait.

All the office buildings, hotels, apartment buildings and new condos will take Mill Avenue action to entirely new level. Think Westwood in LA only friendlier, smaller and quainter. No, instead think where Mayberry RFD meets Manhattan; friendly but vertical (if not now, very soon).

Downtown Tempe Communities