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Hayden House

100 S Mill Ave in Tempe

Will Daly
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pool, fitness center, BBQ

Hayden House, a project consisting of two high rise buildings, is being built on the 2.5 acres at the southwest corner of Mill Avenue and Rio Salado Parkway in Tempe (presumably the address will be 100 S Mill Avenue).

An out of state partnership purchased the site, where among other things sits the iconic Monti's La Casa Viejo Steak House which sits inside the historic Hayden House built by Charles Trumbull Hayden, for approximately $17 million.

Hayden House is to include a 15 story high rise office building, a 16 story hotel and additional restaurant and retail space next door.

Previously, during the boom, a developer proposed building two taller buildings of 300 and 320 feet, one of which would sit ON TOP of Hayden House. That idea was opposed by Tempe's Historic Preservation Commission and the dream collapsed all together when the real estate market turned south.

Hayden House is included on We Know Urban because 1 ) it is a mixed use urban project in one of our favorite parts of the Valley and 2 ) we are hoping that the developers will add some residential condominiums to the project in which case it would be a perfect fit for our site.

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The density added to Tempe in general and Mill Avenue specifically will add value to the developing area to the west of Mill which includes great communities like Farmer-Avenue Lofts, Skye 15, Broadstones in Tempe and others.

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